Being "lost in translation" is a metaphor
for being disconnected from your true self.

I grew up in Berkeley, California and Clayton, Missouri before earning my bachelor’s degree in Romance Languages and Literature at Harvard University. After college, I studied and traveled in western Europe and Brazil for four years. I returned to the US to complete a master’s degree in Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC and earn postgraduate translation credentials at Georgetown University. I started a business translating from French, German, Portuguese and Spanish in 1996.

As a translator, I helped people express themselves across barriers of language, culture, business and relationships. Looking back at that experience, I see I was also learning about the power of what I call the hidden narrative: the underlying values, assumptions and meaning that shape so much of how we see ourselves. I learned what it feels like to be "lost in translation" as a metaphor for being disconnected from your true self. I also started to see how much words define us, and how we can harness the power of new narratives to shape our lives.

In 2009, I left translation to launch a new career and studied coaching with the Newfield Network. I am now a Newfield Certified Coach (NCC) and accredited by the International Coaching Federation as a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC).

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