What is an ontological coach?

An ontological coach helps you to become a better observer of the way you see and act in the world. This will enable you to question your assumptions and identify your blind spots so that you can gain new perspectives and see new possibilities for action.

What is ontological coaching?

Ontological coaching is a holistic coaching method that takes in your full experience of self — what your body is telling you, what emotions are in play, what you are saying (or not saying) — allowing you to begin to discover and appreciate who you are in everything you do. As your self-awareness grows, you will begin to notice and honor your own reactions, and to move forward with more clarity and focus.

Inherently valuing yourself does not mean giving yourself a pass for things you say or do that may negatively affect other people. Coaching builds a strong foundation of personal responsibility and a capacity to be accountable for our actions. Often, it uncovers a vicious cycle of hidden self-indictment for who we are and how we believe we are falling short that undermines us in every way.

My approach as an ontological coach is not to advise, consult, mentor, or provide therapy. My goal is to help you discover many of the answers that are already within you. Through our conversations we will draw out your real story, so that you can direct the course of your life according to your own compass and not be driven by the need for the approval or permission of others.