Rekindling an old flame 

Photo of fire and kindling wood

It just hit me. Something told me to reconnect. I was missing this in my life, and I felt some regret that I had left it behind.

As a coach, I always encourage my clients to pay close attention to their emotions. They are messengers. They tell us ‘something is up for me here.’

Often, I also ask clients what they love. Many answer readily, and I often hear “but I don’t have time for that anymore,” or “it just doesn’t fit into my life today.” I challenge them to think about their commitments and whether it’s possible to bring more of what they are passionate about into their lives. Now, I was feeling a tug.

In college and after, I had immersed myself in foreign cultures and languages. I was a professional translator for a good part of my career, and it was a wonderful way to put that passion to use. Feeling connected to the world in that way was exhilarating, and I loved who I was when I was doing it.

When I decided to get into coaching in 2009, I decided I couldn’t keep a translating business going and build a coaching business. At the time, I was correct. Starting a new business takes some single-mindedness for a while. Truth be told, I was also feeling a bit burned out on the language profession.

Since becoming a coach, I have learned that when we do what we love, something magic happens within us. Our passion is in the lead, and who we are changes in everything we do.

Let me be clear: I love coaching, and I am committed to my clients and my practice. But I still find myself in translating as well.

It took a phone call or two before I was tackling texts on philosophy and new discoveries in science. I am grateful for colleagues who welcomed me back.

Here’s the real upside of rekindling your passions and owning your gifts: You can offer them freely, with nothing to prove and everything to give. That mindset works wonders in all domains of our lives.

Ask yourself, what have I given up that I used to love? What happened? How could I bring that love back into my life? I’d love to hear some of your answers!