Rewriting the Narrative

A coaching relationship establishes an ongoing conversation that draws on your own wisdom about what you want to do with your life, rather than looking for answers in other people, activities, or places. It’s not mentoring, consulting, or therapy.

I will partner with you to examine where you are currently, how you got there, and what challenges stand in the way of feeling more connected and at peace. We’ll examine your decision-making process more clearly and uncover core beliefs about yourself and hidden narratives about what’s possible that may be preventing you from taking action to change.

As your coach, my job is to create the conditions for meaningful conversations and to remind you of what you are seeking. Your part is to engage fully with the process, which means being open to learning and rigorously honest with yourself. It also means being willing to experiment with new narratives -- new ways of being and acting in the world that align more closely with what you really want in your life.

Alison Carroll Executive Coach

"With gentle challenges, compassionate nudges, and her unique wisdom and understanding, Alison supported me through the most intense transition of my life. I’m grateful. She continues as a teammate, and “counselor-coach” for me in so many ways. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work with her.”

– President/CEO